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Infrastructure Management 

A proactive approach to maintenance and inspections. A solution that enables you to evaluate all infrastructure in your portfolio over time. 

Track, schedule and implement your maintenance plans proactively

Stay ahead of the deterioration curve

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Area of Interest

Physical Asset inspections

Conduct condition inspections on any physical assets such as roads, bridges, buildings, reservoirs and water treatment facilities in a quicker and safer manner- at a fraction of the cost.

Maintain Asset Registers

With affordable recurring inspections, you can maintain your asset register with verified data that is frequently updated. Know the value and the useful life of an asset. (5).png

How it Works



Nafasi Za Angani will deploy a team to your site. The team will comprise of qualified and capable personnel who will capture all the required data.

Data will be collected either by aerial sensors, ground sensors, or static crane camera solutions.



Post data capture, Nafasi Za Angani will process the captured images into file formats that can be used to extract useful information. The information can be analyzed to assist you to make well informed decisions regarding your asset from the convenience of your office.



Receive project reports and recommendations on the condition and the status of your physical asset.

Update and maintain a timely maintenance schedule that allows you to have a proactive approach to maintenance. Having an updated useful life of an asset has never been easier. (14).png

Understand and know your assets.

Detailed data of infrastructure inspections

High definition images and videos of physical assets allow you to conduct concise inspections. Assess every square inch of the building, bridge, reservoir, road ect. Compare datasets and build models with predictive information.

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Nafasi Za Angani drone operations are powered by 

Drone Ops ROC/G1252D

All drone flights are conducted in accordance with SACAA RPAS 101 regulations

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