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Increase productivity without compromising on standards.

Features suited for your business requirements

As-built features

s built monitoring

Remote Progress Monitoring

Increase your productivity by minimizing the travel time to a construction site. Maintain oversight at all times without physically being on site frequently. 

Verify earthworks and Material quantity

Assess all the earthwork done during a phase. Verify material that was used and delivered on site by suppliers. 


Enhance the Visualiztion of a project.

Prevent costly errors with better visualization of what is happening on site. Detect errors early and implement corrective measures to mitigate unnecessary costs overruns. 

nfrastructure management

Know the physical asset in depth

High definition images and videos of physical assets allow you to conduct concise inspections. Assess every square inch of the building, bridge, reservoir, road etc

Minimize risks on inspections

Remove inspection personnel from dangerous situations when there is a need to do inspections on high rise building and roofs.

Reduce inspection


Conduct inspections of high rise infrastructure without scaffolding, reducing cost of conducting inspections significantly.

Infrastructure management Features

ata processing




Multiple processed data files 

Send us your aerial images and videos from your drone flights and we will produce 3D models, Orthophoto maps, Point clouds, and Digital Model Surfaces. 

Easily accessible from anywhere

Download and access any of your data files from any device anywhere. Share project files with any team members

Organize and structure project files

Be more organized by storing all raw data, images, videos, project files and reports in a single place

Data Processing Features

uilt information modeling


Be the first to know once service is available

Built Information Modeling Features
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