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Data Processing 

Let us process your aerial data, producing superior results to suit your needs. Your data will be safely and securely stored in and accessible to you at anytime, on any device.

Safe, secure and accessible

Dataset_Nafasi Za Angani

Processing of Aerial data

By simply uploading your aerial images and videos you can produce orthophoto maps, 3D models and other data files. 

Data Storage

Store your aerial data in a secure place. Access any data files, raw data and reports from any device anytime. Sharing of sensitive project files is made easier as you can control who can access files.

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3D Model 1_Nafasi Za Angani

Just fly, we will handle the rest

Upload raw data, download 3D models

Send us your aerial images and videos from your drone flights and we will produce 3D models, Orthophoto maps, Point clouds, and Digital Model Surfaces. 

How it Works


Upload all your raw data, either images or video.





Select all your preferred processed data files


Once processing is complete, receive email notification for download

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