As Built 
Have a clear picture of the progress on a construction project. Drone images give a broader perspective from above. 
All industries are going digital, so should your next construction project. 

Decisive Actions with Verified Data 

Earthwork Management and 3D Volumetric Analysis

Monitor all the earthwork movements on your construction project. Measure the amount of material that was used and verify the quantity that is delivered by your suppliers.

Visualise Project Progress

Ensure all involved stakeholders are on schedule, minimizing project overruns. Visualise the progress of the project overtime.

Original Plan Comparatives 

Overlay architectural plans with the current progress on site. Spot any deviations early and implement corrective measures, keeping the construction project on schedule.

How it Works

Let us do the site visits.

Remote progress monitoring 

Increase your productivity by minimizing the travel time to a construction site. Maintain oversight at all times without physically being on site frequently. 

By reducing your trips to the construction location, have more time to do the tasks that matter.

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Nafasi Za Angani drone operations are powered by 

Drone Ops ROC/G1252D

All drone flights are conducted in accordance with SACAA RPAS 101 regulations

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