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How our passion for the sky became our careers

Nafasi Za Angani is a data acquisition, processing and analytics company using drone technology in addition to 3D scanning technology to provide innovative business solutions. Nafasi Za Angani focuses on built environment projects  with the aim of serving AEC (Architecture, Engineering and Construction) professionals by digitizing the construction site at any stage of the project.

We derive analytics that will improve the workflow and efficiencies of all stakeholders on site. With our drone driven technology solution, we reduce project overruns and project delays while maximizing the assets on site. With further
analytics, we reduce risk with descriptive, predictive and prescriptive data.


Advancing African infrastructure through sustainable technologies that have access to the ground and sky. 


To improve African lives, infrastructure, operations and access to technology, through meaningful technological and engineering innovation. Providing solutions not bound by borders, as we aim to enhance and connect Africa through technological innovation by means of automation, robotics and unmanned aerial systems.

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Innovation Centre
Mark Shuttleworth Street
The Innovation Hub

South Africa

+27 67 105 4022

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