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Digital built environment tools suited for your needs


project monitoring 



Data Processing 

A drone and data driven solution that gives you  insights to a construction project at all phases. Track project progress, productivity, schedule and  risk in order to keep projects on time and within budget.

Thorough drone inspections on any infrastructure. Data processed will provide descriptive information. Manage your infrastructure portfolio on a single platform that is accessible on multiple devices 

Let us handle your processing of aerial, ground and crane camera images. 

Provide us with the data and we will process it according to your needs.

We store and manage your data safely and securely. With admin access, you can share and control access to the data with your team giving them specific permissions.

Build Information Modeling

Implement BIM workflows into your projects and company ethos. Create and manage information on your construction project across the project lifecycle on common data platforms with ISO 19650 Standards

Integrate digital data and insights into your workflows

Monitor projects remotely 

Real time insights 

Collaboration with other project stakeholders

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